Hi Friends!
IMM2015 is over and you all should be back home from your trips (except Robert probably who took off to the Nordkapp!) From all of our team we just wanted to thank you for believing in us and coming this long way to Lithuania! It was a great honor and fun to host International Mini Meeting and it was even more exciting to hear that you all enjoyed the event! Thank you for smiling, for the good words, for the company and simply for the good times we shared! Thank you for showing the real Mini family spirit and helping where needed the most! We had 800 participants with full weekend tickets, we had about 200 more people including the traders, sponsors and volunteers. We also had about 500 day visitors on Saturday and about the same great number – 500 of little Minis in the island! We will keep in touch and announce the further news via Facebook and see you all in Belgium!
You can also find the main photo galleries from:
Arturasz Photography
Promaksa - Epic Media (by Andrius Laucius)
Rytis Petrauskas (SunCrm)
Official IMM2015 video by Arnas Usavicius is coming soon.
Take care!
The team



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